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- Innkeeper - 06-28-2001

1996 Domaine Moureou Madiran. For those of you whose eyes might have understandably slighty glazed over, Madiran is a tiny appellation in the very south of France, smack up against the Pyrenees. It is made from a blend of tannat, bouchy, courbu, and pinenc! Tannat is the almost national wine of Uruguay, where it is bottled varietally under the name Harrigue. Those folks must come from just the otherside of the Pyrenees. Having had both, to date we prefer the Madiran.

This wine was tannic, but not loaded with alcohol (12.5%) which is why some call it full bodied while it is actually medium bodied. It had muted blackberry aromas in the nose and upfront, seducing complexity across the palate with a strong dose of tannin that was almost as smooth as a baby's bum, and a well drawn finish. There was enough acid to match nicely with a vinaigrette marinated flank steak with green beans almondine and homemade baguette with OO & garlic. Very nice combination.

Try a Madiran when you can find one. Ours came from, you guessed it, Pops.

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- Bucko - 06-28-2001

IK, we are going to have to award you the Obscure Wine Taster Of The Year Award.

Thanks for the note. Isn't it fun to try and enjoy these little hidden beauties!?


- Innkeeper - 03-21-2002

Popped another tonight with broiled bacon wrapped tenderloins and green beans almondine. Still like it very much. Even smoother than the last one, with no trace of anything offensive. Have one more '96 down there.

- Drew - 03-21-2002

Great minds think a like...I purchased a bottle of French Tannat tonight and will post the notes in the future.


- Thomas - 03-22-2002

IK, we sell that very one at is-wine; love it. I use it in my wine seminar to prove the effects of tannin on red wine, and how well such wine matches strong beef dishes.

- Innkeeper - 03-22-2002

Didn't pick any up there because we already had some.