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- TheEngineer - 11-17-2006

So on my way home today, stopped into a wine store and they were tasting within their own staff of new product that they were thinking of selling. I tried through a bunch with them. Two that I remember were the 2003 Domaine Courbis Cornas La Sabarotte and the Domaine Courbis Cornas Champelrose.

2003 Cornas La Sabarotte

Very dark wine, almost black. Nose was reserved but tonnes of dark berries, secondary notes like leather, truffles, minerals, etc..great complexity. On the palate, the wine is tannic, tight, full-bodied, concentrated with black fruits and berry fruit, leather, truffles, and minerals. Lots of structure here. My choice of the two.

2003 Cornas Champelrose

Color was a bit lighter and flatter than than the Sabarotte. Nose was a higher tone (if that makes sense to I sensing the higher acidity) than the Sabarotte and more floral. Still tonnes of dark fruits, spicy, sharp. Good acidity levels, more medium body, but you could sense that it was tight. More graceful but not as impressive perhaps.