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- TheEngineer - 01-09-2005

oh boy....for those people that like a lot of things going on at once with their wine, you should try this. Otherwise...maybe not.

It is jammy! It's like pouring jam water into a jug of stones and then shaking it, lots of wood and high alcohol (14%) all contribute to my mind going...umm what't next. Not a terribly elegant wine, not a balanced wine. All these things trying to take center stage at the same time! Good length with an alcohol finish.

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- chittychattykathy - 01-09-2005

So its all hitting at different times and places in your mouth...

- Thomas - 01-10-2005

Did you like it?

It doesn't sound like a well integrated wine to me, and it certainly sounds like one I would not prefer, especially since you mentioned the alcohol twice!

- TheEngineer - 01-10-2005

Yes, all parts of my mouth were noting things at the same time and all were rather large hits. Lots of berries, siropy, lots of wood, lots of alcohol, lots of other sensations like the stones and others...not something I was prepared for and I had 1/2 a bottle trying to figure it out....

Foodie, you are right in that I don't think that this is a very well integrated wine. However, it wasn't bad and i actually found it was very interesting. I kinda liked it in some strange way. I think it would be a good mix for an interesting heavy flavored salad or something.

You know when breath out after consuming the wine to get a sense of its length.....well, the alcohol sense lingers right though that.

I've got half a bottle left. I'll see if it has done anything good since last night.

- TheEngineer - 01-10-2005


I liked it less tonight. After some of the initial juiciness has gone away, all I found was wood, stone and alcohol.

The sensation of the alcohol was more evident today and I never got to enjoy it much after that. I even chilled it down quite a bit which was more of a mistake since it took away whatever taste was left.

carigan 45%, Grenache 45, Syrah 5%

The wine was interesting the first day, much less so the second.

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