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- Thraz - 11-30-2004

Nicolas is the largest specialty wine store chain in France, and they have been bottling their own lines of wines for a few years. One of these lines is called "Consensus", which I think is made exclusively for the US market. It has all the bearings of an American product: aged in oak, nice label with a little story on it. I believe I read somewhere that the Consensus line is made from grapes grown on a property that Nicolas actually owns in Languedoc (the only one they own I think). They bought it after Mondavi tried to buy it but failed due to local opposition. There is a syrah, a cabernet sauvignon, a chardonnay and a coteaux du languedoc that bear the Consensus name. I find the chardonnay overoaked and generally not to my taste at all (I tasted the 2001, $12). The cabernet is very good (also 2001, $15). The Coteaux du Languedoc is excellent (2000 was great, 2001 very good, both $15). However, the syrah is the best one of all of them in my opinion (tasted only the 2001, $15).

The 2001 Consensus syrah is long in the mouth, some oak but limited and not off-putting, and very pleasant smooth tannins on the long finish. I find it medium-to-full-bodied, but not as heavy as some other syrahs from the south of France. The best QPR I have in my cellar I think.

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- hotwine - 11-30-2004

They also bottle a Pinot Noir and a Sauternes; not bad at all for the bucks.

- Glass_A_Day - 12-01-2004

I just had thier Chard last night. Ok for 8.99. I wouln't buy it agian. I tried the syrah and cab and thought about the same.

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- Thraz - 12-01-2004

Glass A Day, were the ones you tried also from the Consensus line? They also have more standard lines, less expensive but still relatively good value - not as good though. Consensus has a white label that looks like an upside down trapeze of some sort - the others have more standard, yellowish labels.

- Glass_A_Day - 12-01-2004

Yes, all I tried were Consensus. They were poured at a local tasting. I bought a bit of the chard only.

- Thraz - 03-12-2005

I had another bottle of the 2001 Syrah tonight - I enjoyed it as much as the other bottles. It's a good thing, since I have 1 and 1/2 cases left. Great nose, great finish with powdery tannins. Love it.

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