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- miner49er - 03-17-2000

Help. I thought I know most wines pretty well but I am puzzled by the 1998 Combier Hermitage. I bought several bottles on a stong recommendatin by a major retailer. The wine has a great nose and fruit but the viscosity is unsettling to my taste. It is very thick and I have not experienced this type of body even in a port. The glycerin levels must be very high. When I call the retailer another employee raved about the wine and offered to take back any unopened bottles. Has any one tried this Rhone and if so whats the deal?

- Innkeeper - 03-18-2000

Your Crozes Hermitage SHOULD be a fine wine. It is a very full bodied wine, but should not be viscous. Maybe something was wrong with that particular bottle. Recommend trying another one, and if it is the same, and you don't like it, bring the rest back. If the second is OK, go get your money back on the first one.

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- miner49er - 03-28-2000

we have tried 2 bottles with the same result. great nose and taste but thick in terms of viscosity. a third party tried a 3rd bottle without any comments from me and also found it viscous and did not like. Maybe the whole batch is bad. I bought 6 bottles.

- Innkeeper - 03-28-2000

Recommend you bring the other three back. You might pick up at least one of Paul Jaboulet Aine's Domaine De Thalabert, Crozes Hermitage. If you find it the same, Croses Hermitage or, for that matter, any Hermitage is not for you.

- miner49er - 03-28-2000

good advice. Not my first Hermitages so I guess it must be the bottles