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- TheEngineer - 02-02-2005

It's got a nice ruby/garnet color and is a syrah and grenach blend (no idea on percentage).

The syrah was not overpowering with little to none of the gameyness / leather that sometimes I get. It was juicy but I would say a bit high on the acidity and the tannins. Decanting helped a bit but the acidity was still there. fruity, scent of chocolat but not a complicated wine. Easy drinking but nohing very special.

- TheEngineer - 02-28-2005

Had a second bottle and this one was much nicer. The fruit is very forward, almost jammy but it moves onto a very mineral taste before letting you go with a bit of wood an chocolate. Medium legth finish. None of the issues I had with the first bottle with the acids and the alcohol.

- Thomas - 03-01-2005

Engineer, same wine, one month apart, different impression.

Do you think it is bottle variation?

- TheEngineer - 03-01-2005

Yes I do. The variation was too great to be just my taste buds at the time. I'm pretty sure that the wine cannot change that much within the month. Also memory is not that short yet (was told that memory would be the second thing to go.. [img][/img]..)

Also the changes I noted do not appear to ve consistent with a bad bottle (difference was in the fruit, the acid level and the alcohol level. I think that there must have been differences between what they put into each bottle. I've got a few more to go so we'll see where this one falls the next time.

- Thomas - 03-01-2005

This might sound like I am kidding, but I am not. Think about what your state of mind was the first time you drank the wine as compared to the second time. And if you try a third time, compare that with the first two (were you tired, happy, sad, rushed, relaxed et al).

Quite often it's our state of mind that determines what we like, dislike, or just discover about a wine.

- TheEngineer - 03-01-2005

Cool! I will do.

I'll let you know.

First time, I don't quite remember but it was when I had a huge rush on projects at work. This time, it was much more light hearted in that I was sitting down to relax after a good day....

- Thomas - 03-01-2005

I've had many instances where I open a bottle of wine and think what I could possibly have seen in the wine to have caused me to buy it.

Sometimes, it is a wine I've had maybe at someone's home, where I was having quite a good time. Sometimes it's wine I had gotten while visiting the winery, and was truly impressed by the place, especially overseas.

And then there are the times I open a bottle that just shines, and I can't remember whether it was my great palate that got me to buy it, or a recommendation from some other great palate...

- TheEngineer - 09-24-2005

Exactly the same as the first bottle, almost. It felt a bit more discombobulated (sp?) and the alcohol was definitely there near the end. Perhaps a bit more time....

- winoweenie - 09-24-2005

Keep the faith Eng. WW [img][/img]