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- Thraz - 11-04-2008

$27 at Costco. 14.8%.

Excellent. A little bacon on the nose, and on the palate, the words that came to mind were fresh and extremely well balanced. It's early for a 2006 but I wanted to taste it to see if I would want to buy more to keep - I'm glad I did, I bought 6 more. Costco's price is a good deal, I have seen it in other places for $35.

- hotwine - 11-04-2008

Thankee Thraz, will look for it here.

- hotwine - 11-06-2008

Thraz, are you sure that's not the '04? I found that yesterday at Costco at your price and tried one last night with peasant stew. Your note fit to a T.

- Thraz - 11-10-2008

Hi Hotwine, it's definitely the 2006. It's from a newly-opened Costco so perhaps they did not have to finish a previous inventory before getting this one. Although I wonder where the 2005 went.

- Thraz - 11-10-2008

Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate - my previous reply does not show up on my screen. Yes Hotwine, definitely the 06. It's at a newly-opened Costco (opened 2-3 weeks ago), so perhaps they had no previous inventory to finish before getting the new vintage.