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- Thraz - 12-06-2005

This is a request, not a TN.

The big Pennsylvania liquor brother occasionally has some good deals - as the only retailer in the state, you hope they can sometimes leverage their buying power. Right now they have this wine for $49.99. It normally retails for more than $100. Would you buy? Has anybody had it yet? The liquor system is as bad at storing as it is at dealing with competition, but this is a new delivery and with current temperatures I am not worried.

- Innkeeper - 12-06-2005

Haven't had this vintage, but have enjoyed earlier ones when I had more coin. It is one of the world's great wines. It is a good buy at that price, and recommend you pick up a couple. It will be ready in about five years.

- Thraz - 12-06-2005

Thanks. I'm organizing my Christmas gift here. At least there's one positive thing about people on this board, we're easy to shop for.

- Thomas - 12-06-2005


Can I email you my wish list???

- Thraz - 12-06-2005

I wouldn't want the person buying this for me to lose their focus... [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 12-06-2005

A virtual steal, highway robbery, theft-by-deception, or whatever else you can think of. BUY!!!!!ww

- brappy - 12-06-2005

Just got the same e-mail. I'm going for it. At this price, I can't see not trying it.


- Thraz - 12-06-2005

I am now the proud owner of a couple of bottles I bought today. In fact, "bought" is the wrong word - everytime I step into a PA store (which is really not often) I feel I am rescuing whatever is in there rather than merely buying. The people can be very nice and helpful (they certainly were today), but the system just irks me. And seeing all those bottles of La Chapelle standing in the light at 70 degrees reinforced the sentiment. It's like saving puppies from death - you wish you could save more. At least I know the shipment was very recent.

Brappy, are you traveling all the way to PA to buy it? If so you might want to call the store you have in mind, because not many of them carry this particular wine. I had to call three stores.

- brappy - 12-06-2005

I buy them on-line; They ship to the store of my choice, which is in Shrewsbury. I work fairly close (18 miles) so I just pick up after or before work.


- Kcwhippet - 12-06-2005

They ship to Shrewsbury? I have to check into that!!

- brappy - 12-06-2005

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

- TheEngineer - 12-07-2005

Shrewsbury, MA?? Sounds good to me.

- wondersofwine - 12-07-2005

I thought I might have tasted the 2000 Hermitage La Chapelle at a Jaboulet wine dinner in Raleigh but it was the 2001 vintage we tasted (along with the 1983). I expect the 2000 is better than the 2001.