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- dananne - 11-06-2004

Purple in color with a muted nose. Flavors of tar, alcohol, and tannins galore. No fruit to speak of. Not a good drinking experience. I asked Anne if she wanted to vac-u-vin the remainder of the bottle after we'd each had a glass, and she said, "Why bother." Anything that may have been rewarding in the bottle was evidently gone. Don't think it was a bad bottle, but it was bad. $13. Alc. 13%. Obviously, we won't look for it again. Looked up previous posts on Cahors, and Foodie said that he thought basically most stuff available at $12 or under wasn't very good. A dollar more doesn't get you much more, IMHO. Oh, well.

- Innkeeper - 11-06-2004

Some are better than others. I'm going to stay with Argentine Malbec for consistancy.

- Drew - 11-07-2004

Fwiw I think the wines from the Nimes area are a better value and more positively consistant and the style is pretty much the same.