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- oostexan - 06-04-2007

I put a couple of these away because, at first release, it was just so big that I thought it would settle down a little with a couple years in the cellar. I was wrong.

Pulled the cork out and it was black. I mean black. Deep, dark, and thick in the glass. Nice nose of dark fruits, black cherry, and vanilla oak. Took a drink and I promise I said "holy shit." Goes in nice, but then this huge mid-palate of concentrated extracted fruit, oak, and alcohol just clubs you over the head. Long finish, but there is nothing polite about this wine. It is massive and is more Aussie Shiraz than Northern Rhone in its flavor profile.

I would probably have really liked this a couple years ago, but my palate is more conditioned to mouthfeel and complexity now. For the style, it is a heavy hitter. If you like the style (and the oak). Huge wine that destroyed the marinated fajitas I grilled for dinner. Honestly, I am not sure what I would pair with this.


- Drew - 06-05-2007

We've kicked this style around a lot on this board and couldn't agree more with you that it is NOT a food friendly style. Having said that I do like the style on occasion in the winter, by a fire, sipping me crazy [img][/img].


- oostexan - 06-05-2007

Drew, do you have any experience tucking these types of wines away for several years (6 to 10) to see how they evolve? It would seem that the risk would be that the oak and alcohol would outlast the fruit. But I am not sure.


- winoweenie - 06-05-2007

Ox every time I've ventured into this area of ageing I've been kicked in the palate wirth a monster, fruit-derived, tanninc blah-bottle. WW

- Drew - 06-06-2007

Limited experience and agree with Verne that it seems those wines fall apart and you're left with an over the top, goopy mess with no tannins to add structure.