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- Thraz - 12-13-2008

$18 at Costco.

The last of my Costco run on Rhones and Loires.

A very good wine, and a nice change of pace from the southern Rhones I have been drinking of late. A fine representative of French syrah, a bit of leather on the nose, covers your mouth and tongue with strong subtelty if there is such a thing, and gets a good grip on your throat for a while, all in a very friendly but manly way. Also, it clearly shows why the world should be thankful you did not become a poet (even after 12 hours, in a completely sober mode). Great value, I would have believed it if I had been told it was something from one of the more expensive neighboring appellations, maybe Cornas.

- wondersofwine - 12-15-2008

What's this about becoming a poet?

- Thraz - 12-15-2008

The wine gave my pen a poetic streak, what with the strong subtlety and the friendly but manly way and such nonsense. Just be glad I did not, in fact, decide to become a poet, and that only that rarest of wines will force me to inflict my bad prose on the world!

Also, I was wrong about the price, it's $21, not $18. Still a good deal though.