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- winoweenie - 02-20-2011

Thot I'd posted on this bugger but couldn't pull it up so here goes.Thot at 1st I'd committed infanticide but after leaving the glass 3/4ths full and spending an hour at the friendly Sprouts market whenced I returned lo and beholden the sucker had bloomed into a most drinkable concoction. Freds' Syrahs were originally meant for his consumtion only like his cabernets but after some arm twisting 30 yeats or so ago the have-nots of the world were admitted to savor this elixer. I've enjoyed some with 20 years age and they seemed like teen-agers. Structured and balanced so well the 14.8% alc doesn't show up. Really nice juice. WW

RE: 2004 Dehlinger Estate Syrah - winoweenie - 02-19-2013

Opened the 2005 version and thought I'd posted but this was the closest. Almost like a mirror image so I lucked out. Structure rite on...acidity and tannins balanced... Alc a nice 14.9% and feels like 13.Drinking super but will definately take another 2-4. Really good stuff! WW