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- Drew - 08-02-2007

Just amazing! Popped this at home after dining at the Grove Market Cafe in Bishopville. This wine is all about cherry and raspberry. Extremely floral with raspberry, cherry, herb de provence and a touch of lavender. Flavors follow nose with cherry dominating. Cherry liquor, a hint of cherry cough syrup, raspberry cordial and as the wine opened towards the end of the bottle some chocolate cherry cordial. Viscous with long, staining legs in the glass. Fruit forward and more new world than old, this is a wonderful CDR with a long finish showing plenty of fine tannins. 13.5% Alc/vol. Paid $80 for a 6 pack case after a 20% discount. Packaged in a 6 pack, wooden nail sealed case. I believe this wine will evolve into something very special with some short term cellaring.


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- wondersofwine - 08-02-2007

Nice note, Drew. I enjoy CdR but haven't had any this summer.