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- Thraz - 01-31-2005

Purchased in January 05, $9.50.

Looking into an earlier thread, I saw that there is only one Languedoc-Roussillon appellation that specifically lists merlot as one of the grapes that are allowed in the main mix. The appellation is Cabardès, which I had never heard of until then. It allows merlot and/or other western grapes. It took me a while to find a bottle of Cabardès, and I was not disappointed in the wine.

The nose is very good, very Bordeaux-like. Very mellow in the mouth (and less obviously Bordeaux-like to me, more of a cross between bordeaux and South), some red fruit, medium length - overall very good value and an interesting wine. 13.5% alcohol, but does not feel heavy. I have not been able to find the grape composition, but the mellowness makes me think there is actually a healthy percentage of merlot (the appellation allows them to have it, but they don't have to).

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- Innkeeper - 01-31-2005

Don't know if it was my post on the Domaine du Mage, Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne that you saw; but if not it is a blend of Merlot and Tennat from the South of France.

- Thraz - 02-01-2005

I saw that post, but I was referring to another one about merlot in Languedoc AOCs. One reason the Mage is a VDP could be that it has a lot of merlot in an appellation that does not allow it? Not that it makes it any less good - on the contrary, it's part of the greater issue with AOCs.