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- winoweenie - 07-15-2006

Thot I'd postred on this sucker after purchaning 3 years ago. Brite ruby. Nose of spice, cinnamon, red fruits, burnt leather and lovely loam. One of a handfull of CDPs' I religiously purchase in the good vintages. Needs another 3-4 to lose some silky tannins. Solid entry, weighty center and a 4&1/2 lapper finish. Super juice. Just bought the 2004 at 39 and should mirror the quality of this baby-reenio. Super juice. 92/94. 39 by the box.13.5%alc. WW

- Bucko - 07-15-2006

I like most of my CdPs at 8-10 years old. I'm just now working on the 98s. Polished off my last 95 VT the other night -- what a killer.

- brappy - 07-15-2006

Wow, the only one of these I've tasted was the '98. Don't know if the '00 is around here but will keep my eye out. What i'm really curious about is the '03. I believe the '03s, at least the ones I've tasted have been better or at least more ready to drink right now.

- winoweenie - 07-16-2006

Having had the 04 in San Diego this week I was curious as to the development on the 00. At the same lunch we had a new producer(to me) of CDPs that was a killer bottling. Domaine Pierre Usseglio. The liquid literally lept from thew glass along with the aromas. I'll post when I have it in a more academic setting. Paid 39 for each of the bottles. Seems to be a super vintage. WW

- Bucko - 07-16-2006

Pierre Usseglio is a must buy for me in good years.

I was in the Rhone in 2005. I tried a lot of 03s and was pretty disappointed due to the extreme hot weather. A lot of the wines were pruney/overripe tasting.

The South fared better than the North. To no surprise, Parker is clucking over the 03 Northern Rhones. I have totally wrote him off as a critic. His palate has gone 180 from mine.

- winoweenie - 07-16-2006

You've just now written BigBob off???? I haven't subscribed to any of the rags for 5 years. I'm with you on the No. Rhone 03s. So far the 3 04s' I've had are killer bottlings. WW

- Bucko - 07-16-2006

Same as you -- haven't paid any attention to him for many years -- it is just the 03 N Rhones ratings are so out of line.

- brappy - 07-17-2006

Suit yourself.... Lately, I've tasted several '03s vs '00s and the '03s are just better wines.... or at least right now. I have to admit the only vertical tasting has been the Pegau Da Capo (both '00 and '03) and it wasn't close. The '03 dominated.

I also have to say i didn't taste the '03s in '05 so I don't have a reference point to that time frame.

As to the '04s, I've not tasted any yet, so I simply don't know. I am, however, looking forward to tasting these.

I've tasted these wines and they're great; not quite the '98s but they are worth returning to.


- wondersofwine - 07-17-2006

WW, A few years ago I went to a tasting in Raleigh with 8 Bordeaux wines (ranging from under $30 a bottle to over $100) and one Pierre Usseglio, the Mon Aieul Cuvee, which retails for $99 or more per bottle. I'm not that familiar with CdP but even I could tell that this one had a lot of stuffing and would develop into something special. The 2004 version received 90 points from Robert Parker and I believe 93 points from Steven Tanzer.

- winoweenie - 10-05-2008

Had another of the 00 Dojon for lunch today whilst waiting for me beloved Cardinals to get kilt by them nasties frum upper NY. A kick-patootie wine that continues to evolve successfully with every passing day. Nose is absolutely killer. Still some silky tannins that are evident but who gives a rats'? Gorgus juice that has raised the barrier to a 93 and going up. WW (My eyes must definately decieve me..... Surely the scoreboard has the scores reversed... Cards 41 Bills 17... Can this not be a devious plan to once more get our hopes high? )

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- Innkeeper - 10-05-2008

That war the score matey.

- winoweenie - 03-26-2012

Had the last of this marvelous bottling for afternoon tea whilst watching my Jayhawks demolish them heels of tar! Was paying a lot more attention to the game than te wine but can report this was one tasty bit of grape! WW

- TheEngineer - 03-26-2012

That glorious last bottle from the case!!