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- raggedy1 - 01-04-2002

This was part of my Wine Society shipment last year, and now I wish I tasted it earlier so I could have ordered more!

I didn't have high hopes for this one since I was so disappointed in their 98 Cab Sauv. Was I in for a pleasant surprise! This one initially had me thinking I was drinking a Zin. It had bright fruit flavors (cherry) with a light spice that really had me thinking "99 dry creek valley zinfandel." After about 30 minutes in the glass the fruit flavors began to darken and a dusty component came into play which convinced me I was drinking Syrah. The last glass for tonight was terrific and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'll finish off the second half of this one. Not a wine that will have you into deep thoughts, but a thoroughly enjoyable wine that I'd recommend. If you have any, it's ready now or I'm sure it will sit for another year and a half...

- RAD - 01-06-2002

Raggedy, seems we're often on the same page. Found a bottle of this on a recent visit to Atlanta. I too found the 98 Justin cab a big diappointment after the great 97, but gave the syrah a try. Nice!