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- oostexan - 01-06-2007

Recommended by my local wine guy (Tim). I am very fortunate to have a great local wine shop (Far Point Cellars) that has an employee that understands my palate, takes the time to work very diligently with me, and typically recommends wine that is spot on. Yes, he is consequently rewarded.

Anyhoo - dark aroma of blueberry, blackberry, and dark fruit with a touch of that sweet Napa fruit. Palate has a concentrated Syrah profile with plum, blackberries, and a touch of spice. Alc is 14.5 and integrates wonderfully. Very Napa. Not crazy. Well integrated and lush.

I paid around 35 bucks.


- dananne - 01-06-2007

This has nothing to do with the wine, but the first sentence of the tasting note reminded me of the scene from Monty Python's The Holy Grail where they meet Tim the Enchanter:

"There are some who call me . . . Tim."

Anyway, the wine sounds nice.

- oostexan - 01-06-2007

"I am the messiah" :-)

- TheEngineer - 01-07-2007

I love their syrahs! Thye have this tiny (had?) tasting room in Napa's downtown. They also make a Bad Boy Red (which has a pict of a cowboy on entice the Women buyers but it turns out that men buy a lot of it too!).

Their cabs are very good too but it's their syrahs that really do it for me!