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- dananne - 11-08-2003

We couldn't figure this wine out last night, and my only guess is that it may not be ready. It tasted very disjointed -- alternating between cloyingly sweet, oak, and alc (which was only 13.5%). Did not have much varietal character -- no brambly fruit, no peppery spice, etc. The sweet fruit was more strawberry preserves than anything else I could identify. Lighter color than the Penfolds I posted on today. One positive is that the strawberry preserves is on the finish, which seemed relatively long. Again, just couldn't get around this one, and can't really figure it out. My expectations were high because of the winery and winemaker, so maybe that clouds my impressions a bit. Oh, well. Paid $17 at Binny's in Chicago.

Anyone else tasted this? Bottle variation, maybe?

- Innkeeper - 11-08-2003

Hate to tell you, but it usually goes for between $13 & $14. It is their basic bottling and usually is the one I prefer, as the others not only get pricy, but esoteric as well. You may have gotten a bad bottle or it might have cooked during transit. In all honasty, have not tried the '00.

- dananne - 11-10-2003

Kinda ticked that I paid so much for it. I have to say that it showed a bit better on the second day, though I won't look for it anytime soon. If I get the chance, I may try one of their other bottlings, but I generally don't see Qupe down here in Atlanta. Oh well, disappointing bottles happen at times, I guess [img][/img]