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- Oenotheque - 02-23-2006

Never been a huge Chante le Merle fan, always felt that it was never as expressive as their other offerings in the same vintage. Well this was the exception.

The nose starts with effusive notes of shortbread and raspberry ganache augmented with underlying tones of peppery spice. The midpalate is voluptuous almost a dead ringer for the 98 Cuvee Grenache. Velvety tanins are woven into a fabric of berry and cassis with a background of wet earth. The finish sails on and on as it digs into the terroir that is Chateauneuf de Pape. Cherry and mineral most notably iron filings and slate abound. A blockbuster that is ready now but could gain additional complexity with time.

Can still be had for around $40 if your shop has a deep Rhone Selection.

- Bucko - 02-23-2006

I agree, however their regular bottling is almost at the same level and 30 percent cheaper. This is a good house.