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- dananne - 01-30-2005

Dense purple color, decanted through evening. Grapey nose with a whiff of oak is followed by like flavors, with a brambly-spiciness that was nice, even though the fruit seemed to be fading, lacking the brawn to stand up to the oak. Tannins still there, but faded into smoothness. I had deliberately left this for 10, but I may have been happier with it a few years back. Alc. 12.5%. Paid $35 at a large, well-regarded wine shop in Buckhead that I only visited once (the day I bought this) and refuse to use anymore, as their staff are the most condescending, arrogant, and abrasive I've ever had to endure.

Anyway, I like the grape and region, so I'll keep exploring and experimenting. FWIW, WS 86 on this one.

- winoweenie - 01-30-2005

Whhich of the Buckhead abrasive, arrogant wine shops was this? WW

- dananne - 01-31-2005

Pearson's. Well regarded shop, decent selection, though prices are a tad high. Couldn't stand the staff, though, so I'm not going back. Anne took them with better humor than I did, and in fact found them hilarious, as they'd "answer" her questions to me, as if she wansn't even there. The guy who helped me would do things like suggest an alternative wine to one I was looking for that was more than twice the cost of the requested item. And that doesn't even begin to convey the attitude, which was the real problem. We had gone in that day to buy a case, but left with only two bottles (one of which turned out to be badly corked).

Oh well . . . big city here in Hotlanta, so I have other places to take my business. Anne keeps suggesting we give it a second try, but I'm in no rush.

- winoweenie - 01-31-2005

This is the same idiot who 15 years ago said there was no such negotiant or producer in Burgandy as Jayer. I told the sucker that I'd put up the cash if he'd put up the papers on his store if he really thot he was rite. Thank goodness he had no gamble as I'd have had to go to work. WW [img][/img]