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- Kal - 10-16-2001

Pardon the spelling, but how is the '96? I'm debating between this and '98 Chapoutier Cote Rotie which is about twenty bucks more. More Grenache or Syrah, or something crazy the're trying? As well, any notes on the Chateau Gardine?

- Innkeeper - 10-16-2001

Hi Kal and welcome to the Wine Board. Haven't had either and wouldn't think of opening the Chapoutier for ten years or so. Both it and the Beaucastel are top of the line. CDP is a blend of many grapes including syrah, grenache, and several others. Cote Rotie is 100% syrah. The CDP not only has a two year jump on Cote Rotie, but will mature faster. You could probably enjoy it in three or four years. Hope this helps a little. The Gardine is not in the same league as other two. Don't know what vintage you are talking about, but lesser wines mature faster than greater ones; at least in that neck of the woods.

- Scoop - 10-18-2001

The Beaucastel CNDP is a consistent winner --the 1989 was one of the best wines I've ever had. What makes Beaucastel a bit different from some others CNDPs? A healthy dose of Mourvedre in the blend (in addition to the 12 other allowed varieties in that appellation).