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- winoweenie - 11-09-2007

Thot I'd posted on this lovely bottle earlier along with the other 2 bottlings. Couldn't find hide nor hair so here's the skinny IMHO. Nice brite Medium ruby. Nose has loads of Black, Blue and and Logan berries, Sweet spices like cinnamon or cardoman, leather and some earth. All hit the tongue with the addition of some raspberries and a tad of horsey notes. Long-lasting flavors are subtle on the entry, weighty center and a solid 4+ lapper finish. Had to select a favorite from this premium supplier. 90/90 37 on the futures by the box. 14.8% alc. WW

- wondersofwine - 11-13-2007

I picked up a Boushey Syrah on our 2005 offline but I'm not certain of the winery (perhaps Willow Crest?) The label gave credit to the grape grower. We opened it at a dinner at Kat's house so I didn't keep the bottle for notes but enjoyed it. They say Boushey does have some of the better grapes in the region.

- Bucko - 11-14-2007

Boushey has the best grapes in WA IMHO.

- winoweenie - 01-08-2009

Opened a mag of this juice yesterday for lunch with a friend. Has all of the fruits noticed before but seemed more dominate and less evolved in the larger format. Will keep the rest of them dudes under cover for at least another 1-3. No change in scoring. WW