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- winoweenie - 03-14-2010

Brite medium ruby. Nose has the black fruits, rustic saddle leather, meaty spicy notes. Solid entry, weighty center and a 4+ lapper finish. Seems to be about there. Terrific bottle but not the best I've had from this fine producer. 90/90. 41 by the box. 14% alc. WW

- winoweenie - 12-13-2010

This sucker done turned the corner. Nose gone killer, the entry loading up the tongue, and the finish long & strong. Needs to be kicked up a pernt or dos. Really showing its' class. WW

- wondersofwine - 12-14-2010

Great domaine. I'm really looking forward to the six bottles of 2007 I bid on at a charity auction. May have one next year since it is a riper, more fruit-forward vintage and then save the others to space out over a decade.

RE: 1999 Vieux Telegraphe CDP La Crau - winoweenie - 08-07-2013

Had this for lunch yesterday. Has blossomed beautifully and seems to hit a new high with each year in bottle. It and the Beaucastle are dead on top of my Rhones stars list. Really well done. WWBig Grin

RE: 1999 Vieux Telegraphe CDP La Crau - TheEngineer - 08-10-2013

I wish I had a few more of these.... sounds great