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- dananne - 10-21-2006

Santa Barbara County.

Decanted at same time of 1st pour, and left there through evening. Medium dark ruby in the glass, with a nose of dried fruits, something floral but inspecific, and a touch of smoke. Subdued fruit flavors are somewhere between cherry and strawberry (I thought the former, Anne the latter), turning a bit earthy and chalky on the finish. Everything seemed muted here, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps I should have opened it a year earlier, but hindsight is 20/20 (unlike me, as I learned at the eye doctor yesterday -- drank with dilated eyes all night). We both thought it felt more like a Pinot in the mouth, only with that chalky finish. Not great, not bad. Anne said, "It's wine." Paid $19 locally at Whole Foods. Alc. 13.5%. Drink it if you've got it, as I think it'll just continue to lose fruit at this point.

- VouvrayHead - 10-21-2006

Have you had their Syrah? I think it's called "flowers" or something like that... Or maybe it just has flowers on the label.

Had a couple of bottles of it last year and really liked them. Definitely Rhone style...

- dananne - 10-21-2006

Yes, we tried Jaffurs a couple of years ago, and we liked both the Syrah and the Mourvedre. It was at a tasting, however, and the only one I later saw on the shelf was this one. I recall it having more fruit than this one showed, which is why I think I may have held it a bit too long. It is, however, more "old world" in style, much more like something from the Rhone.