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- quijote - 11-20-2003

The other TNs for California Syrah were under this thread, and it is a "Rhone Ranger" wine after all, so here goes...

This wine's intense aromas of berry jam and violets match its forceful ebony-purple colors. This syrah packs a big dose of blackberry cobbler up front, with nuances of chocolate and espresso close behind. The finish provides a bit of spice, probably a combination of the grape's pepper and the oak's clove. There is also the slightest hint of a pleasant bitter sensation, sort of like a ripasso. At 14.5% alcohol, I guess this officially qualifies as a dessert wine, but I think this wine could handle a lot of rich, meaty foods. $9 here in Milwookie.

- Innkeeper - 11-20-2003

You posted in the right place; no problem. This is a very steady wine year in and year out.

- Drew - 11-27-2003

Had one last night with Filet Mignon...very nice. Only complaint was the chunks of blackberry cobbler floating in the glass [img][/img].