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- Daveyjones1 - 11-12-2008

Did JJ make at good wine in this beast of a vintage? Please ring in with your opinions

D. Jones

- TheEngineer - 11-13-2008

I'm gonna guess that it depends on how you like your rieslings. I certainly do not mind the fat and ripe 2003 vintage but if you like real Kabinets, then you might be disappointed.

I did not try too many 2003 Prums but compared to the others that I have tried (again, not enough to be able to make a complete generalization), I think that they were as per vintage, bigger, broader, rounder, less focused. The few Prum kabinets that I tried were bearly Spatleses. Still a good acidity but the RS was way up. I liked the Auslese level, where the wine was still very balanced but had great density.

Overall, I would say that I liked the 03 Prum's