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- wondersofwine - 07-02-2007

Pfalz, Germany
A Terry Theise selection imported by Michael Skurnik Wines, Syosset, NY
10.5% alcohol AP 51740791606
Pale gold color with clarity and some transparency.
I had real difficulty extracting the cork. It came out in about four sections leaving one small piece to fall back into the bottle but I was able to capture that piece in a tea sieve.
Frizzante or spritzig upon first pouring. Tiny, tiny bubbles.
Lemon scent and a slight, but not bothersome, ammonia scent on the nose initially. Puckering acidity vies with pleasing sweetness. Suggestion of white nectarines, lemon drops and white blossoms (lilies?) This is quite a wine. I need to look for more to purchase.
This may seem like sacrilege but I was sitting there drooling over the thought of soaking some ripe strawberries in this wine. My strawberry purchase had spoiled too quickly so I did slice up some nectarine and soak it in the last bit of wine. Not quite the effect I was seeking.