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- summa - 08-16-2001

Any suggestions, Alsace is definately one of my favorite regions.

- barnesy - 08-17-2001

Andre Kientzler, particularly Pinot Blanc and Riesling.

As far as some options from across the border in Germany...

ANY Dr. Loosen wine in your price range will be good. Basserman-Jordan is very good for the price. The Villa Wolf I posted about underneith this post is DYNO-MYTE for the bucks. German Riesling has to be one of the most food friendly, likeable wines I have found. Good for your restuarant list.


- hotwine - 08-17-2001

We've been raving about German Rieslings on this board for at least a couple of years now. (And I still have some I owe CCK, but I won't ship in scaldin' heat.)_

- Innkeeper - 08-18-2001

Domaines Schlumberger, Les Princes Abbes, Vin D'Alsace, Riesling ($13).

- summa - 08-24-2001

Just got the go ahead from the owner to throw a few rieslings on the list, very excited, thank you. p.s. Big Alsace fan here [img][/img] .