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- wondersofwine - 06-21-2001

I was opening a Scheurebe from the Pfalz region and wanted to taste it in comparison to another German wine so I opened a Riesling from the same grower.
According to the label, the Lingenfelder family has made wines in the Pfalz region since 1520. To my surprise both bottles exhibited (apologies to Don Ho) tiny bubbles. They could be described as petillant which one of my wine books says is not a sparkling wine like champagne but has a tingle on the palate.

Lingenfelder 1998 Scheurebe Trocken-Dry Spatlese Freinsheimer Goldberg, 13% alcohol pale gold and clear
flowery, perfumed bouquet slightly tingly
improved at room temperature I scored it 83.

Lingenfelder 1998 Riesling Spatlese Gross-
Karlbacher Osterberg 11.5% alcohol
apricot, citrus and flowers in the bouqet, full-tasting on the palate--not as complex or luscious as some Rieslings I've experienced
I scored it 88--would serve with fruit or lighter-style cake such as German Black Forest cake which is not as sweet as most American cake recipes. I'm saving for another occasion a Trockenbeerenauslese Scheurebe and a couple Eisweins. Decided it wouldn't be fair to compare a trocken Scheurebe against a TBA.