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- TheEngineer - 04-09-2005

My first Scheurebe....and it was very nice. I've got some questions. I was a bit concerned that 2001 German Scheurebes would also be showing poorly now like its Riesling Counterpart. Does this happen to Scheurebe's? How long can these wines lay down for. or are they fresh drinking

Color: Golden
Nose: citric and some lychee
Taste: started off on opening with some lychee and honey but moved very quickly to a citrus, grapefruit taste and mouthfeel (the tartness of grapefruit juice). Very nice and light but long finish. Some bitterness like grapefruit seeds and peel.

Hey I'm a convert. I like this very much!

- wondersofwine - 04-11-2005

I like Scheurebe wines too and have had the Eugen Muller Scheurebe Eiswein in a .375 ml bottle. I'm not sure if they go through a closed down period or should be consumed as young wines. They probably don't have the "petrol" smell that some Riesling develops. I find Scheurebe to be very fragrant usually and that adds to the pleasure of drinking one. I would say that the Scheurebe at the Auslese level or above could probably age a long time but the Kabinett and Spatlese are probably best in the first five years. Welcome, convert!