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- Duane Meissner - 04-17-2009

Kabinett Q.m.P. (Rheingau) 9% alcohol.

Picked this up from a pusher on the Rhine, near where it was made in Erbach. It was quite nice, for a SW! Was surprised to find such a beautiful dark gold color, thick mouth-feel, and sweetness in a Kabinett. Is this due to the age? Beautiful nose of sherry, honey, and apricots. Apricots and a little funk on the palate. Paired with a Thai noodle, shrimp, and green onion dish.

A steal at only 10 Euro!

- wondersofwine - 04-17-2009

The color is due to the age--I'm not sure about the sweetness. The grape must must (no, that's not an accidental repeat of the word must) have been a little above the Kabinett-level brix to begin with. Sounds like a great bargain. I think 1990 was supposed to have been a very good vintage in Germany.

- TheEngineer - 04-17-2009

I would agree with WoW's assessment. Sounded like a wonderful drink!