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- hotwine - 05-05-2000

For those who might wish to sample four different grades of German Rieslings at a *very* small price, suggest you look for Schmitt-Sohne's little gift box. It contains four quarter-bottles (187 ml), one each of their Riesling Qba, Kabinett, Spatlese and Auslese for 1998, all for $6.99 at Sam's. And most unusual, they have screw-tops. They are really a perfect size for someone who hates to open a full bottle for fear of wasting most of it (like my dear mom), who only wants to enjoy one or two small glasses with dinner. I bought a few boxes to use as little gifts to spread the word about Rieslings. (Someone said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I'll have to keep my own hands off of 'em if anyone else is to enjoy 'em!)

- Innkeeper - 05-05-2000

Just be careful of age with these. Most have the screw off tops. Therefore, good ole O2 can get in to do its job. You are lucky to find the four pack, usually its a case of twenty four. Jerry warned us about such a deal of Domaine Chandon from Pops, and he was right. We still have some, and it gets worse and worse with each pair of bottles. So, if you are going to hold those for Christmas, better to think that through. That means you can drink them now!

- hotwine - 05-05-2000

Good advice, Innkeeper. Thanks! I don't think those little bottles will last a month around this house, much less the seven months until Christmas. We'll just have no choice but to drink 'em or give 'em away....

- winecollector - 05-06-2000

Thanks for the tip! It looks like I'll be making an unplanned trip across the state line today. The Sam's in PA are not permitted to sell wine and beer. So it's "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to Ohio I go!

- hotwine - 05-06-2000

And I thought I had problems reaching wine sources! Was prepared to drive 70 miles to Austin today to visit a shop Innkeeper mentioned a few days ago, but called ahead and they don't have the Morgon & Chiroubles I'm looking for, either. But at least that's in the same state!

- Innkeeper - 05-06-2000

Hotwine, you may want to try the Central Market in Austin (best overall selection in town). Sorry, don't have their number. Restaurant is good too.

- hotwine - 05-06-2000

Thanks, Innkeeper, I've got their number (512-206-1000). But I discovered this morning that all of the Austin retail outlets are at the mercy of the same distributor that serves this area, and all of the rest of Texas (and seven other states). The only state bordering Texas that is outside this distributor's coverage is New Mexico, and that's 585 miles away.
Distribution is one very large problem in this part of the country.