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- Grape Junkie - 02-07-2005

My love for German wein is as transparent as a cool glass of Riesling, and as a result I've been seeking out some pretty whacky stuff... Bruder Dr. Becker (Rheinhessen) makes a Scheurebe Sekt Trocken that has become a staple at dinner parties! Aromatic, yet lean and dry with persistent green apple flavor. Anyone ever seen and enjoyed one?

- Innkeeper - 02-07-2005

Welcome to the Wine Board Junkie. Sounds like a good one.

- wondersofwine - 02-07-2005

I am quite fond of the Scheurebe grape but most of the ones I've tried have been Spatlese or Auslese wines. Muller-Catoir had some beautiful Scheurebe wines in 1998. Wish I had more of them in my collection.

- winoweenie - 02-07-2005

Used to drink Phelps version of this beautiful white grape. Very complex and aromatic. WW