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- Innkeeper - 06-15-2002

2000 Sommer Gruner Veltliner ($10 Is-Wine). This Willie G. import from his Wines For Food, weighs in at 12.4% alcohol, 6 gr/ltr acidity, and .8 gr/ltr residual sugar. This translates to a very nice full bodied, low acid, ever so slightly off dry Austrian white. Floral aromas on the nose, peachy fruit upfront, and that full body with peppery complexity across the palate. Lovely finish. Matched it with our Haddock Saute' A La Creme, broccoli, and limas. Wonderful.

- Bucko - 06-15-2002

I like the wines as well, very refreshing.

- panorth - 06-24-2002

We recently traveled to Austria and I was introduced to many wonderful Gruner Vetliners... Now that I am home I am having more than a little difficulty in locating a well-priced, representative GV in my area. Do you know of any online retailers of this fabulous wine?

- Bucko - 06-24-2002

117 "hits" came up.

- Innkeeper - 06-24-2002

- Innkeeper - 01-17-2003

Was fixing a rather heavy sauteed chicken thigh recipe last night and wondered if I had a white to stand up to them. Then I remembered there were a couple more bottles of the GV in the basement; so chilled and popped one. A match made in heaven.

- Thomas - 01-17-2003

I understand panorth's dilemma. At Vinexpo in NYCity a few motnhs ago I tasted a round of spectacular Gruner Veltliners. But the prices! It truly is difficult to imagine paying so much for the wines, yet I suppose people do. I simply figured my customers would not, and so I discovered the Sommer.

In spite of, or maybe because of, his crusading disregard for the rest of the wine world, Willie G. comes up with some nice finds in Germany and Austria. I hate the frivolous labels, although I know why he makes the producers use them.

- Scoop - 01-17-2003

We're now into the 2001 vintage with the Sommer, but it retains the nice attributes from 2000, with perhaps a touch more acidity this time around.



- Innkeeper - 02-18-2004

We finished our last '00 Sommer tonight. Had to brush some dust off it, but glad we did. It matched just perfectly with a spit roasted chicken with peas and salad. Have to get some more.