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- Bucko - 04-11-1999

Served with braised red snapper with leek and Riesling coulis:

1995 Weinbach Riesling, Schlossberg, Cuvee St. Catherine - Typical Alsatian Riesling for me - not enough depth of fruit nor the crisp acidity of German Rieslings. That bias set aside, this is a fairly nice wine.

1997 Weinbach Riesling, Schlossberg, Cuvee du Centenaire - This wine is a different animal. Stunning floral aromas set it apart. Still not enough stuffing for my preference.

Served with thyme-roasted quail with citrus risotto:

1997 Weinbach Tokay Pinot Gris, Altenbourg, Cuvee Laurence - Too sweet for the food dish. Very floral, lovely Pinot Gris fruit, crisp acidity, and a long aftertaste. Very good wine.

Served with brioche-wrapped anjou pear with sour cream ice cream:

1989 Weinbach Gewurztraminer, Quintessence - Too much of a good thing for my taste preference. A wine for sugar hunters. Full-blown, super ripe, super sweet, with decent acidity. A stunning wine for those seeking this style.

1995 Weinbach Tokay Pinot Gris, Quintessence Cuvee Centenaire - Same song, second verse - too sweet and too cloying for me. A well-made wine that I am sure many will enjoy, just not my style preference.