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- TheEngineer - 01-16-2008

Looking forward to these ones. For some reason, his 2006's have sold like hotcakes in these parts. I've had orders for spatelese and auslese and both were unfilled as both were sold out. Waiting now for his GK auslese 1/2 bottles...but for me his strong points exists lower in the hierarchy. I love his Kabinetts for their focus.

Unfortunately, this year appears to be a bit weaker than others, though still a very nice bottle. Bottle needs a bit of air to wake up. Nose while a bit muted, still beautifully floral, lemon rinds and green apple....tinging with acidity....but that did not result on the palate. Flavors were good and delicate but the acidity was lower than the usual, teeth tingling Kabinetts that I got use to. Left wine feeling a bit flabbier than other years. While a very good wine, I was left wanting for a bit more acidity and freshing. Pretty but not zippy.