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- Innkeeper - 06-04-2001

1998 Ventana Estate Bottled, Riesling, Monterey ($11). Slightly off dry and loaded with fruit upfront. Somewhat edgey with a hint of Alsatian "twang" to it. Very nice finish, especially with a mouthful of lobster salad. Highly recommended, and good value.

The afore mentioned lobster salad resulted from Friday night activities involving back to back reception and lobster bake. It was all great, but Mother couldn't finish (or even start) her lobsta. So she brought it home. Last night I unshelled it, and mixed with homemade mayonnaise, made with fresh lemon juice and light OO. Filled it into four of our New England hot dog rolls, slit from the top (that's whay they do them that way). Sprinkled them with bright red fresh sweet paprika, and served with a tossed salad and the riesling. Good!