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- Thomas - 06-23-2000

What prevents me from posting this message in the Best Buy section is the price. In my opinion, at $15 this wine is slightly over-priced--but then, I am a struggling writer.

Anyway, 1999 vintage, De Piedro De Soutomaior: young, vibrant, mineral-like with great fruit; it was a marvelous accompaniment to lightly breaded veal cutlets in madeira-shallot-garlic sauce, potatoes deep-fried in olive oil and garlic and snow peas in lemon butter--cooked it all myself, too.

- Scoop - 06-23-2000

You going to open a restaurant in Manhattan as well?

I'm a big fan of Albarino, and for a "best buy", you should try the 1999 Burgans that I mentioned in a 5/21/00 post (@$8.99 retail).



- Thomas - 06-23-2000

I haven't been able to find the Burgans where I live now in the Finger Lakes region. But will keep looking.

As for the restaurant: check out my latest post in Italian section. But to answer the question--no chance. I have seen way too many of them go down, and not because of the food.