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- TheEngineer - 09-18-2010

hmm....sometimes time is not kind to wines This might be one of them. rather focused and austere when I first tried it a few years ago (but it was sweet with a nice salmon colour), the wine has turned just flabby and flat.... Love the name though...... Strange winery. Purchases grapes from the Oakanagan Valley and then has them shipped to Victoria Island to make the wine. Nice tasting room though...

- Thomas - 09-18-2010

Pinot Noir ice wine?

I'm trying to picture a Pinot Noir vineyard that can make it to January--hard to imagine.

And I just realized that this is in the Port folder...

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- TheEngineer - 09-25-2010


Have you heard of a small icewine company called Royal Demaria? It is just north of you in the Niagara region. I visited them some years ago and tried through at least 8 different varietals that they made into ice wine, some with more success than others. Small family operation (husband is still a hair stylist I think and the wine maker). Prices for this place are pretty crazy though.

RE: 2006 Church and State Pinot Noir Ice wine - TheEngineer - 05-05-2013

I was hoping that some more time would be good and useful. Nope.... just as per above. Have one more...what do I do?

Reading these posts again, Thomas, there is a producer called messmer from Germany that Terry Thiese brings in. He has great pinot noir sweety. NOti icewine but man great stuff