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- wdonovan - 02-07-2006

Cracked this last night to accompany a "prototype" of a bleu cheese / pistachio terrine we're inventing to replace a traditional assortment-style cheese course.

Medium honey color with a tinge of orange. Nose of peaches and honey. Taste of canned peaches in syrup with a slice of apple. Lighter than a typical Sauternes, it had a great fruit / acid balance and the sugar was turned down a notch from its French brother. Finish was more than adequate. I think this could have sold as a TBA. It seems like the late harvest Madonna wines are not produced very often. I can't find any BA on the market now, but I can get an Eiswein (maybe 99?).

IMPORTANT: If anyone has this wine, I am willing to pay more than the $13.25 sticker says it's worth.