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the place of a thousand years of winemaking

998 A.D. - 1998 A.D.

The wines of Tokaj were cherished by European nobles, royals and all lovers of the best and finest for centuries. Botrytis cinerea (the "noble rot" that makes grapes shrivel) was utilized in Tokaj centuries before late harvest wines were made at Chateau d'Yquem.

Called the "ultimate dessert wines," these are also fabulous aperitifs, sure to provide an astonishing taste sensation to sherry lovers. Tokaj Aszu, product of completely natural fermentation, never fortified or "cooked" like a madeira, have also legendary fame as health tonics.

Louis XIV gave it the title of "Wine of Kings, and King of Wines". Voltaire dedicated a poem to this "amber beverage with gleaming hues that weaves the golden threads of the mind and makes the wittiest of words scintillate." Like all great men, Rossini, Schubert and Goethe were also enthusiastic about this great wine.

Now you can taste the legend that is TOKAJ.

The Tokaj Wine RegionThe Tokaj Wine Region

Winemaking in TokajWinemaking in Tokaj

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*Tokaj is pronounced "tow-KAI", ending like "I" or "eye". Tokay is an alternate spelling, although Tokaj is preferred.

On this website, you can now order wines produced on the estate formerly owned by the Austro-Hungarian Royal Family. Available in extremely limited quantities.

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