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The Wine Curmudgeon
The Master Sommelier | Health & Social Issues
Lodgings Report | Cookbook Corner | Travel Trader | The Book Report
W.I.N.O. News | Free Wine & Food Publications | Guest Writer: Todd Franklin
Guest Writer: Dan Berger | Guest Writer: Lew Purdue

Dear Readers,

This issue of The Wine Trader has all the usual features plus several special articles by featured contributors. We think you're going to like it.

The Wine Curmudgeon is doing his usual grousing and griping, but there is a little ray of sunshine.
Dan Berger, the L.A. Times Syndicate columnist, contributor to virtually every wine publication in America at one time or another and author of his own newsletter titled Vintage Experiences, discusses the problems with, and lack of meaning for, the term "Reserve."
A new regular features comes from Lew Purdue, author of Wine Investment News, and is titled the Investors's Report. Purdue will keep you informed on publicly traded wineries.
Reprinted with permission from the journal of the National Motorists Association is a wonderful piece titled "MADD Earns The 1998 Highway Robbery Award" by Todd Franklin.
In The Health & Social Issues Report, Elisabeth Holmgren has lots of good news for everyone, and it's all about more new studies verifying wine's healthful, life-extending properties.
P.S. McCown reviews two books in The Cookbook Corner, one frivolous and one very serious.
Fred Dame, The Master Sommelier, gets out of the restaurant and into the winery, with advice on "do's" and "don'ts" of being a winery visitor, plus the usual five nominations for best sommeliers.
The Book Report by Maurice Sullivan is pretty eclectic this time, with several travel guides, the new Rovert Parker CD ROM, a comprehensive Tequila guide and even a work of fiction.
Sandi Wechsler is all over this issue, with her Lodgings Report and The Travel Trader lead story, and lodging tips from the Sierra Nevadas to the Eastern seaboard.
The W.I.N.O Newsletter contains reports from three chapters this issue, Ventura County, Napa-Sonoma and Carson Valley.
There are Letters, of course, and appropriate responses.
As always you'll find our listings of other Wine & Food Publications and more, more, more.
- The Staff


Due to the archaic laws and regulations enacted in a post-prohibitlon furor to protect the morals of the consumer from the "evils of demon rum", it is not legal, in some states, for an individual to sell and/or trade wine or other licensed beverages. We ask that you make yourself aware of your own state's laws, as it is impossible for us to list the regulations of all fifty states.

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WineTrader Staff:
Jerry D. Mead, Editor & Publisher
Sandra McCown, Asst. to the Publisher
Paul Tapia, Art Director
Julie Tapia, Contributing Editor
Travel Columnist, E. Edward Boyd
Contributors: Gerald Asher, Patrick Campbell, Fred Dame, Steve Gross, Elizabeth Holmgren, Charles Saunders, Maurice Sullivan, Sandi Wechsler, Jim Wallace

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