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- Jenean - 03-24-1999 01:27 PM

I went to my first wine tasting class last night and fell in love with a wonderful Port! I realized that I only like sweet things. Any suggestions? Recommendations?

- n144mann - 03-24-1999 01:37 PM

What type of port did you like?? Ruby, Tawny?? If you want suggestions for good ones, read back through the Port folder by selecting posts from the last year instead of posts from the last 20 days. (upper right had corner when you first enter port section of the board) If you like California Ports, I like Ficklins and Quady's. Also like Grahms from Portugal. The big guys on here will be able to help you out with lots of suggestions!


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- Thomas - 03-24-1999 09:04 PM

Try Late Bottled Vintaged Niepoort ports -- fabulous products, on the sweet side.