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- mrdutton - 07-11-2001 06:31 PM

Technically they could label this stuff as Zinfandel. It is 76% Zin and 24% Syrah. What am I talking about?

Vintage 1998. This wonderful spicy, fruity wine is just up my alley. Not a lot of hot alcohol, lots of fruit on the nose and on the palate with a decent amount of peppery spice from the syrah.

They could call it Zinfandel, but I am glad that Kendall-Jackson decided on Collage instead.

This stuff is great with grilled anything. I especially liked it with my hamburgers and also with my Maryland style crab cakes - cuz them suckers is spicy!

Mike's Southern Style Crab Cakes (formerly known as Mike's Maryland Style Crab Cakes):

1 lb Lump crab meat.
Worchestershire sauce (about 1 tsp.)
One egg
Mayonnaise (about 4 tbs.)
Lemon Juice (about 1 tsp. fresh)
Sweet Red Bell peppers (about 2 tbs.)
Sweet Green Bell peppers (about 2 tbs.)
Onion (about 2 tbs.)
Butter (sufficient to sautee the above 3)
Parsley Flakes (about 1 tsp.)
Dijon Mustard (about 1 tsp.)
Old Bay or Phillips Seasoning (to taste)

Fine chop red and green pepper along with onion and saute with butter until translucent.

Meanwhile, whisk together the egg, worchestershire sauce, mustard, mayo, Old Bay, parsley flakes and lemon juice.

Fold the sauted mixture into the sauce, set aside in the refrigerator. Sauce should be fairly thick, add mayo if required to thicken to a ketchup "like" consistency.

Carefully pick through the crab meat to remove any shells without breaking up the lumps. Place the crab meat in a very large mixing bowl.

Pour the refrigerated sauce over the crab meat. Fold the crab meat over until the sauce is evently distributed with the meat. Do this very carefully to avoid breaking up the lumps of crab meat.

Refrigerate for about 15 minutes to allow the flavors to meld and the sauce to set-up a bit.

Form approximately five patties with the mixture and place on a buttered cookie sheet or shallow pan. Spoon a bit of fresh lemon juice over each patty and then season with the Old Bay or Phillips Seafood Spice. Place in the freezer, allowing the crab cakes to firm up a bit.

Meanwhile, pre-heat the oven to 375-400. When at temperature, place the crab cakes about mid-level and bake them for about 15 minutes. Switch over to the broiler setting and then cook them only long enough to brown the outside of the cakes.

Serve immediately with fixings such as fresh tomato slices, potato salad, corn on the cob, or other such summer delights.

Really try these with the Kendall-Jackson Collage. If you can't handle that thought then try a Pinot Grigio or a Sauv Blanc. But go red first.........

(Editor's notes: I changed the title of the recipe to calm down all the Maryland purist's. I reluctantly added approximate ingrediant quantities. When I cook, I don't really pay much attention to measurements. Hope this helps a bit.)

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- mrdutton - 07-11-2001 06:37 PM

Please note: NO BREAD CRUMBS. Don't any of you dare add any filler to this recipe! Also please, please, do not use fake crab meat.

This is a PURE recipe for honest to goodness crab delight!

- Innkeeper - 07-11-2001 06:40 PM

Sounds great. Will try it, if we can find it.

- Drew - 07-11-2001 07:40 PM

Sorry to bell peppers in authentic Maryland Crab Cakes AND you do need a little filler, very very little, aka crackers.
BTW...nice to have your back, where ya been?


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- Thomas - 07-12-2001 11:13 AM

Dutton, I too have been learned that that Maryland crab cakes requires a filler and does not have bell peppers added.

- Botafogo - 07-12-2001 11:19 AM

Call it "binder" and not filler and maybe it won't be heresy, Roberto

- mrdutton - 07-12-2001 04:18 PM

Hey ya'll....... Notice the qualifier on the recipe title.

MIKE's Maryland Style...... That's cuz I've modified the basic recipe a bit. A well made crab cake does not need any filler, they will stay together just with the sauce.

Botto - the sauce is the binder, especailly because of the use of the egg and the mayo the rest is flavor added.

True, Drew, Maryland style don't have the bell peppers. But these are MIKE'S Maryland Style. You say use crackers, Phillips says to use stale pieces of bread, Emeril says to use bread crumbs. I say no bread and add a few bell peppers.

Every cook has his/her own preferences.

Where have I been...... around doing summer things, grilling and chilling and drinking a lot of GSM, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Zin-Syrah, Syrah, and a bit of Beaujolais. Oh and going to Bal'more to see Cal play. Once against the White Sox and once against the Phillies. Ain't it grand how they beat Philly!!!

Be that as it may, for the purists I am willing to compromise. Let us change the title to Mikes Southern Style Crabcakes, eh!

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- cpurvis - 07-12-2001 05:42 PM

BTW Mike,how goes the applic. process for the Nat. Wildlife Refuge backyard? And more importantly, will you be able to get an exception to allow alcohol on the premises? [img][/img]

- Drew - 07-12-2001 05:46 PM

The crab cake police were on the way but I've called them off due to your renaming the recipe.


- mrdutton - 07-12-2001 06:39 PM

Thanks for calling them off, Drew. I was starting to get worried - was shakin' in my sandals (seems silly to wear boots at the beach.....).

The National Wildlife Federation has granted the exception and will allow alcohol as long as it stays on the deck, near the hammock, or in the house. In the meantime, the rest of the property is now a certified Wildlife Habitat. We are habitat number 29047.

- winoweenie - 07-12-2001 07:46 PM

MisserD , what a great thing. They named my backyard a National Disaster Area . Think alky is allowed in most of the disposal sites. WW

- Thomas - 07-13-2001 09:25 AM

Dutton, you caved into this group...bad precedent. Do what you will to the crabcakes and let the Maryland police go to blazes--they have no authority in Virginia. But I like Roberto's conmpromise word binder instead of filler; the latter sound like asbestos or something.

As for the wildlife refuge, you missed an opportunity. Shouda made the alcohol exception contingent on a certain payola amount...

- cpurvis - 07-15-2001 01:19 AM

Congrats on the Wildlife Refuge...& the alcohol exception! If we get to that neck-o-the-woods, I'll look forward to a tour...with alcohol [img][/img]

- Drew - 07-15-2001 07:34 AM


1 pound backfin crab meat
10 saltine crackers
1 tsp. onion powder
1/2 tsp. Old Bay seasoning

3 tblspoons mayonaise
1 egg
1 tsp. yellow mustard

Finely crush the crackers and blend all dry ingrediants together and add to crab meat.

Mix Mayo, egg and mustard well and pour over crab and dry mix and toss gently with a spoon and fork until blended. Will make 6 nice cakes.

We like to slow fry with several tbls. butter until golden brown on both sides and heated through. This recepie allows the crab flavors to be the star with just enough seasoning to accent.....kinda lika a bikini on a well propor...(ahem, you get the picture !)


- hotwine - 07-15-2001 09:27 AM

Dang, my 'puter screen always trails off to a string of dots when it gets to the good parts!

- mrdutton - 07-15-2001 10:16 PM

Drew's recipe is about as authentic MARYLAND as one could get. Still..... I'd throw out the cracker crumbs and switch to a broiler instead of a fry pan.

On a healthy kick....... only reason why.

Drew, you ever see the recipe for the ones they do at Camden Yard? Them is done in the oven, not in the fry pan. Pretty good deal for $7.50!!!

- newsguy - 07-17-2001 01:58 PM

being from maryland i can appreciate a good crabcake discussion, but...

...i tried this wine last night alongside pasta with roasted garlic and onion sauce and spicy italian sausage, and this very tasty wine held up just fine. i usually classify zins as either spicy or fruity, but this one offered both: nice forward fruit with a spicy, peppery finish. simply put, a nice bottle that offers a lot to like, especially at the price i paid ($10.19).

i never would have thought to try this, not being a big kendall-jackson fan. thanks, mrdutton.

- mrdutton - 07-17-2001 07:28 PM

Newsguy, your stats say you are in Clearwater. Nice country down there on the west coast. Folks have a place a bit north in Seven Springs near New Port Richey.

I'm not normally a bit KJ drinker either. But I saw this bottle sitting on the shelf of my local wine shop. I picked it up, read the back label and the blend appealed to me. I have been staying away from CS, Merlot and Chardonnay and have been sampling the wines made from all those other grapes such as Zin, Syrah, Gamay, Grenache, Mourvedre, Pinot (Noir) and so on.

Not to say that a fine CS blended with a bit of Merlot or a fine French Merlot don't have their place, but there is so much more out there!

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the wine. Also glad to hear that you liked the crab cake discussion. (Can't get good crabs in Florida, hardly. 'Cept for those Stone Crab Claws, now they are mighty tastey!)

- newsguy - 07-18-2001 02:54 PM


i live in clearwater and work in port richey, which is pretty close to where your folks are. maybe next time you come down for a visit we could meet up for dinner and a bottle or two.

as for crabs, at the risk of much derision, i will admit that i don't like them much. when people find out i grew up 30 minutes from the chesapeake bay and spent much of my summers crabbing on the south river at my grandmother's beach place yet DON'T eat crabs, they usually wanna beat me senseless.

on the bright side, the only seafood that i like is shrimp. so living in clearwater by the gulf is a good place to be ;-)

p.s. i am however copying down that crabcake recipe from my wife. good crabcakes are one of the few things she says she misses about maryland.

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- winoweenie - 07-18-2001 04:17 PM

Youse don' like Stone Crab Claws? I've been known to fly to Tampa to eat them suckers.WW