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- hotwine - 09-15-2001 07:32 PM

Daughter and her boyfriend brought this for the old man to try with the oak-grilled burgers she had requested. A very pleasant surprise! Rich berry flavors with an underlayer of spice, it was aged in American oak to give it substantial structure for a Texas wine. As stated before on other threads, we're not big Zin fans at all, but we both enjoyed this one enough that I'll pick up a case at first opportunity.

The burgers were incredible! Fresh Charolais grass-fed steer, ground super-lean, dusted with dry rub and grilled over oak coals. Spent two hours just burning the logs down for the coals. Kept em' goin' and later smoked 8 lbs of babyback ribs for supper. Maison Nicolas Pinot Noir was just right with the pork.

- winoweenie - 09-16-2001 06:07 AM

Texas gots ZINFANDEL? WW [img][/img]

- Bucko - 09-16-2001 08:13 AM

A CASE?! [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 09-16-2001 03:31 PM

Buck-heister, Maybe this is the time to mention our ocean lots here in Az? WW

- hotwine - 09-16-2001 03:47 PM

Yeah, I had some telemarketer call with an offer for beach-front property in Feenix or Pheenix or whatever dat place be called...he had a really good deal he was peddlin'....

I know, Texas Zin has gotta be as realistic as Left Coast Bordeaux!

- mrdutton - 09-16-2001 05:21 PM

Not any less realistic than Virginia Zin....

Lest you all forget. Again, I think it is fair sipping juice and somewhat food friendly.

Not the best on the market, for sure. But not the worst either.

- winoweenie - 09-16-2001 07:43 PM

Jis' hit the bulb! The reesen this Texas Zin tasted so good is his Child-Girl PAID fer the sucker.. Allas' tastes better to me. WW

- Bucko - 09-16-2001 09:44 PM

I'm pulling yer chain Gil -- I have had some pretty nice wines from Delaney.