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- dananne - 03-30-2008 06:54 PM

Fred Scherrer makes fantastic Zins, and the Old & Mature Vines wines that we tried on our visit last summer (thanks to WW) were among our favorite wines of the whole trip, regardless of variety. His Pinots were spectacular, too, but that's beside the point. Regarding this wine, it is a non-vintage blend of Zin juice from '04 and '05 that didn't make the cut in the other bottlings. Actually, in point of fact, it wasn't quality that caused the juice to be left out -- rather, the character didn't fit either the O & M or the Shale Terrace bottlings, so he just blended the leftovers to create this. It's an absolute steal at $18 a bottle. Bright ruby in color, with a smooth, creamy entry offering both red and black fruits, some vanilla, and an interesting creme broule note. Anne was smitten from the first sniff, and tasting it only confirmed for her that we should have put more of it into our purchase of two mixed cases. To make matters worse, last Christmas I passed a bottle along to a friend who is not really all that "into" wine, so I'm hearing about that dim and short-sighted decision from Anne. Alas, it's all sold out, now, mostly to restaurants. Only 400 cases were made. Nothing terribly complex about it, just a smashing drink and a ton of fun in the glass. Yum, yum, yum. Alc. 14.5%. In case you're wondering, the name comes via Fred's uncle, who used to make good-natured fun of his early winemaking efforts by calling his wines "Zinfandoodle." The fun name belies the seriousness of the effort, however -- you'd be hard-pressed to find a better Sonoma Zin at $18. If you have access to it, jump on the next version before it's gone, as it'll make a wonderful everyday red, and it'll go swimmingly with most all summer grilled and/or picnic fare.

- wondersofwine - 03-31-2008 11:07 AM

Very nice notes Dananne. Reminds me again of my blunder in not getting to Swan and Scherrer. (I had planned to visit Swan on Monday and didn't realize they are open on Mondays only by appointment.) I may visit Santa Barbara County wineries this October and return to Sonoma in 2009.

- winoweenie - 03-31-2008 02:45 PM

Joe Swan was the Godfather of California Pinots and Sonoma Zins. Can't count the meeny enjerabubble hours I spent with Joe on his screened-in porch drinking fabulous juice. Rod has carried on in remarkable fashion and has elevated his wine-making skills to great heights. I've also known Fred Scherrer since the days as Assn't winemaker at Dehlinger. Pretty solid schooling process Eh? His Dad has been grooming his marvelous Zin vineyard since Hector was a pup and it was established by his Gran-pa in the early days of Calif wine-growing. Both of these guys know their biz and are neat fellers besides, which makes it neat. Again I strongly suggest getting on these 2 mailing list. You'll like the juice youse gets!. WW