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- Drew - 10-01-2001 05:00 PM

Picked up a bunch of older wines recently '87 to '93 Cabs and Zins for $6 per bottle and this was the first popped.

Lighter style, clear ruby with some bricking evident. Muted nose of raspberries and dark fruit. Flavors of raspberry, strawberry, other darker fruits and some earthy notes. Good middle and finish for a value Zin. Very good food wine with it's good acidity, balance and flavors that are not "over the top." 13%alc/vol. $6


- cpurvis - 10-02-2001 03:23 PM

Drew, you're s'posed to be protectin' businesses, not holdin' 'em up! What was the $6 batch story this time? cp

- Drew - 10-03-2001 01:57 AM

A local wine store was busted for serving minors and closed for a year. The new owners found a bunch of older wines in the basement and was clearing them out for about $6.50 per.


- zenda2 - 10-03-2001 07:48 AM

The Montevina Brioso goes for ~$6 around here as well.

- winoweenie - 10-03-2001 09:08 AM

Yeah Verily Z2, but not the 93!! WW