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- wondersofwine - 03-11-2002 03:49 PM

Last summer WW posted on the 1999 Bogle Merlot and got a lot of agreement about its tastiness and bargain price. I decided to have a face off of Bogle Merlot and Hogue Merlot (vintner's selection) but didn't find the same vintages at the grocery store.
Both wines had 13.5% alcohol and were reddish purple in color. The Bogle wine looked more brilliant in the center of the glass and the Hogue was somewhat darker in color side by side. The Hogue merlot seemed to have a closeted nose--couldn't distinguish any particular fruit elements. The Bogle merlot had dark plum scents on nose and palate.
The Hogue started smooth at first taste on tip of tongue but soon turned harsh. It had a slight chewy quality. I felt like it was cleaning out my sinuses, and while they need cleaning, I don't expect to achieve that by drinking wine. Sipping the wines without food, I much prefered the Bogle merlot. With broiled New York strip steak and baked potato with sour cream and chives, the Bogle still came out ahead, but the Hogue was somewhat more drinkable. Since 1998 was a difficult vintage in California, it may have been difficult in Washington state also. To be fair to Hogue I should look for and try a merlot from 1999 or 2000 and maybe from a single vineyard. However, for under $10 I will echo previous acclamations of the merits of the Bogle merlot.

- winoweenie - 03-11-2002 07:41 PM

Yeah Verily WOW my lauditory review of the wine was based purely on drinkability vs price. I give the same thumbs up to their Syrahs. WW

- Tom 1960 - 03-13-2002 07:34 PM

I've yet to try the Hogue so I will keep it in mind at some point. I tried the Bogle last summer based on the recommendation and enjoyed it,especially at that price. Actually I would like to compare the Bogle vs the Columbia Crest Grande Estate Merlot which I just purchased recently for the first time and REALLY ENJOYED.

- vinman - 03-18-2002 09:55 AM

Have tried both. To my palate, the Hogue is a bit rough, almost starchy and definately lacks the fruit presence on the nose. Against the 1998 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot this could turn into a real contest since this guy shows off for me quite a bit of blueberry and raspberry fruit pretty much from beginning to end and is just tannic enough to cut through a juicy New York strip or even venison. There are some interesting other components in this wine, but last night when I drank it I was outside cooking and it was cold and smokey so I missed them. Oh! Love the Hogue 1999 Cabernet-Merlot, much better, very nice fruit, tannins, and not so simple for an inexpensive wine. Bet it will get better in a couple more years. I'm buying a case. Has anyone else tried it?