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- Lottie - 08-16-1999 07:22 PM

I am going to Johannesburg in Nov. and am interested in possibly doing a tour of a vineyard/winery in that region. Any suggestions as to where to begin researching to see what is available?

- BBB - 08-18-1999 07:27 AM

Take the next flight to Cape Town and purchase John Platter’s (I think that is the author’s name, at any rate, it is a small black book known to all wine enthusiast in SA) book on South African wines, widely available in the area.

p.s. check out Thelema and Kanonkop among many others.

- Pinotage1 - 09-06-1999 10:26 PM

Would not stay too long in JBurg unless you have to; but it is the best place for jumping off to safaris. Stellenbosch is like the Napa Valley but Franschhoek and Paarl are also great.Try for info
Ellen V