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- amshih - 07-19-1999 05:55 PM

I'm starting to explore this grape varietal (in my never-ending quest for the slightly unusual wine). Recommended producers? Where is pinotage produced (besides in South Africa)?

- Jerry D Mead - 07-21-1999 11:41 AM

I believe there's a couple of experimental plots in California, but I can't think who has them at the moment.

South Africa is certainly the only place it has any importance.


- Jason - 07-21-1999 06:36 PM

KWV Pinotage has interested me and it is very cheap. Great everyday interesting wine.

- Pinotage1 - 08-02-1999 02:16 PM

Well, I like your question. The South Africans believe the best Pinotage is from Kanonkop but it is worth trying all of them.
Pinotage can be light-bodied, like a
Beaujolais, all the way to dark, intense Rhone-like wines. See which style you like better.
Ellen V